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The appearances of things are deceptive.
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Nem : Közöd?
Születésnap : 1913. január 1.
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Regisztráció időpontja : 2009. április 28.
Legutóbbi bejelentkezés : 2009. április 28., 09:38
Legutóbbi látogatás : 2009. május 5., 16:54
Profil frissítés : 2009. április 30., 17:13

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I like... films :
I luuuuuuuuuuurve anything in connection with Vampires.. The obsession started with The Interview.. The film.. So I started hunting down the books and since then I would never say no to a vampire film.

I like films with zombies, massive epidemics erasing humanity and nature taking revenge on us.

I do watch comedies (mostly the piss-take kind) and hardly ever touch chick flicks.

I've developed a need for, hm, how shall I put it, agression in music combined with mellow, feminine touch. Hence the gothic, operatic (and teutonic as someone's pointed out jokingly) rock taste. It releases the tension in me.

However, my taste in music can be called eclectic. Apart from the above mentioned I do like one or two songs respectively from alternative rock through dance, disco, electronic, metal, pop, rock, synthpop, techno to trance (just to go alphabetically). I'll come up with samples sometime.

I'm one of those people who DO NOT like whole albums. If I like 3-4 songs on one album, then that album and that band/artist can be considered as something I like. I'm extremely choosey and the way I listen to new stuff is somewhat ... well, weird. I use the 3 point probe: listen in for 2-3 sec at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. If I like the samples (all 3) then the probability that I'd like the whole song is fairly high (I'd say 90%)

I like... especially:
I'm a massive fan of series. Just to name a few: NCIS (oh, boy, obsession is the right word here), Dexter (no explanation necessary), Friends (classic), Melrose Place (so silly, and it means my childhood so it has a place in my heart), Band of Brothers (HBO mini), Peep Show, Rome (HBO mini), Spaced, Life on Mars, The Office (British original, yeah, I'm also a snob), Lost, Prison Break (I'm the only one who watches the last season after the shit middle part of the series), The 4400, Buffy, House MD,

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under construction
Meg ami még jön :
I know it seems bloody pretentious writing in English on a Hungarian profile but I don't give a shit, really, I like writing in English and I don't want to waste time and energy finding the best idiom in Hungarian that'd sum up everything I want to convey.

I like Hunglish, mixing up the two languages makes expressing oneself much more effective. And on occasion I'd definitely stick a couple of words from other languages. Just for fun.

About the layout of my profile: I have no idea how to change that. If anyone wants to walk me through it, I'd be happy to try. After all, I'd managed to make a myspace profile back in the dark ages... But who remembers that anymore.

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